Founded in 2011 by two friends. The idea was to create a place for friends to collaborate and produce music and art.

Now, A multi-faceted music, art and design studio. From weekly radio broadcasts on current topics, to the latest in music trends. From the t-shirt designs done within the walls to the artwork done on the walls.

Jason Druyts


Robert Edson


Gregory Daynes

Shortly After [2013]


We are just a bunch of friends who like to be creative in many different ways.

Jason Druyts

  • CEO
  • Producer
  • Host

Gregory Daynes

  • CTO
  • Resident Robot
  • Host

Neil Hamilton

  • Stage Manager

Felix Huet

  • Visuals Manager

Radio Shows & Broadcast

Grumpy & The Brain

  • Science
  • Technology
  • Humanity
  • Jason Druyts
  • Gregory Daynes

A semi-weekly radio/podcast show about current topics in Science, Technology, and Humanity. Join Jason Druyts and Gregory Daynes in dissecting hot topics and ideas from the internet.

Disclaimer: Neither Jason or Greg are authorities on any of the subjects discussed. They just enjoy talking about and trying to figure out the whats and whys

Blok Talk

  • Music
  • Talk
  • Culture
  • Jason Druyts
  • Special Guests

Join Jason Druyts on a weekly radio/podcast with special guests talk about anything and everything. They just may challenge the way you think about the world.

Disclaimer: Some of the topics are controversial, get heated, and not what you're used to hearing. Come with an open mind, prepared to ask questions, and challenge everything you know to be true


Though we are a small group, our skills range from carpentry, to software development. Each of the D-Blok members are talented in many their respective fields.